Chronology of main events

When the SNP won an absolute majority in the May 2011 General Election to the Scottish Parliament its mandate to hold a referendum on Independence from the UK could no longer be denied.  Eight years earlier it had promised that independence would have to be approved by referendum. The UK disputed the Scottish Government’s right to hold such a referendum without the approval of the UK . This was not withheld and the Edinburgh Agreement below sets outs the legal and political basis for the referendum. It is a great example of a peaceful means of dealing with an existential issue  and a considerable act of faith in referendums.


2013 February – SG timetable to Independence and new Constitution

The timetable seems impossibly short given there is a UK General Election in the middle of it. Nor is there any mention of a referendum ratifying the new constitution even though this practice has become almost obligatory in the last fifty years.  SG Timetable for Transition to Independence Tags: TS Chrono

2013 February – HMG Scotland Analysis on legal implications of leaving UK

This is the first volume in a series on Scotland’s contribution to and benefits from the Union. It argues strongly that Britain is the successor state and Scotland the new state with many important consequences. It contains much interesting other detail including the small fact that 140 UK bodies costing little public money would have […]

2013 January – Electoral Commission revise the Independence Question

The Electoral Commission reject the original question and recommends an alternative format as well as revised spending limits. The advice is accepted by all parties and governments soon after publication on January 30th. Electoral Commission on Independence Question 47 pp Tags: TS Chrono

2012 December – Sturgeon shifts referendum focus from identity to social justice

Nicola Sturgeon invokes Sir Neil MacCormack’s ‘utility’ of Independence with social justice top of the usefulness list in a speech at Barony Hall Glasgow on 3rd December. Making the referendum sound more like a General Election manifesto with a more limited appeal seems a high risk strategy. Nicola Sturgeon’s Barony Hall speech Tags: TS Chrono

2012 October- PM & FM sign Edinburgh Agreement giving legal basis for referendum

Besides the legal basis, Cameron gets a single question but surrenders referendum rule making to Salmond. The Edinburgh Agreement- October 15  – 5 pp Tags: TS Chrono

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