Referendums in Wales – major and minor

Major and minor referendums held in Wales including the UK wide ones.

2016 UK votes to leave EU

51.9% voted to leave the EU on a turnout of 72.2% (higher than the 645 in 1975). The remain vote was 48.1%.  Though conducted on a UK Franchise, results varied in parts of the UK particularly Scotland, Northern Ireland and London. Wales voted to leave while its Assembly supported Remain raising for some a problem […]

2011 Britain says No to electing MPs by AV

Yes 32.1%  No 67.9%  Turnout 42.2%, Held 5th May 2011 the same day as general elections in Scotland and Wales and local elections in some areas of England. AV, a weak form of proportional voting, was proposed as a reform of Westminster’s First-Past the-Post system which, now that there are many more political parties sharing […]

2011 Wales votes Yes to law making powers for Assembly

Yes 63.4%   No 36.5%   Turnout  35.3%. Held 3rd March 2011 Tags: TS major-referendums

2009 Cardiff district says “no” to school plans

93% NO on 27.6% turnout. Held 17th February 2009. Total votes cast 3, 679 which was 1.3% higher than local council elections. Council proposed building new school on recreational land. Result advisory. A reminder that local referendums usually advisory are still used in the UK and there is a long standing right in England and […]

1997 Wales votes for Welsh Assembly by narrowest margin

Yes 50.3 on 50% turnout. Held 18th September1997. The date was one week after the Scottish referendum in the hope that the Scottish result would boost the Yes side. An example of domino voting in referendums. As the result was so close, it would be a brave observer who would deny the possibility of the […]

1979 Wales strongly rejects Welsh Assembly

No 80% on 59% turnout. Held 1st March 1979 Tags: TS major-referendums

1975 Britain votes to stay in EU (EEC)

Yes 67.2%  Turnout 64.5%. Held 5th June 1975. It was thought that Scotland would vote to leave being the least pro-EU part of Britain but an effective cross-party campaign by Scottish Tories and Scottish Labour politicians brought something of a surprise result to stay in the EU. Tags: TS major-referendums

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