Referendums in the Rest of the World

There have been upwards of 20,000 referendums (and initiatives leading to referendums) in the World to date. C2D in Switzerland is the leading authority on direct democracy maintains the biggest and best database of referendums. A few are recorded here because they demonstrate some aspect of referendums mentioned else where on this site.

2013 Swiss referendum backs executive pay curbs

68% YES  32% NO  with 71% turnout. All 26 Cantons voted YES. on Sunday March 3 2013 BBC News – Swiss referendum backs executive pay curbs. Tags: TS minor-referendums

2009 Venezuela vote ends term limits

Venezuelans on Sunday voted by 54.8% to 45.1% to change the constitution to end term limits and allow elected officials, including President Hugo Chavez, to run for re-election indefinitely.

2008 Swiss vote No to a ‘flexible pension age’

2008 Swiss vote No to a ‘flexible pension age’

Yes 41.4% No 58.6% turnout 4t.6%. Held 30 November 2008 along with four other referendums. This initiative “for a flexible state pension age” would have allowed most people to retire without the loss of state benefits at the age of 62 instead of at the age of 65 for men or 64 for women. Opinion […]

2008 Ecuador 69% approve new constitution

Yes 69% No 31% Turnout 75% Held on 28 September 2008. A constitutional referendum to ratify or reject the new constitution  drafted by the Ecuadorian Constituent Assembly elected in 2007. Tags: TS major-referendums

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