Referendums in England – major and minor

England was the home of ‘Freeborn’ John Lilburne born in 1641 and is credited by some with the renaissance of the referendum in the Anglo-Saxon world. At least the idea of taking the opinion of many in pursuit of a policy change.

The list includes all major and some minor referendums of interest.

2016 UK votes to leave EU

51.9% voted to leave the EU on a turnout of 72.2% (higher than the 645 in 1975). The remain vote was 48.1%.  Though conducted on a UK Franchise, results varied in parts of the UK particularly Scotland, Northern Ireland and London. Wales voted to leave while its Assembly supported Remain raising for some a problem […]

2013 Thame Local plan approved by 76% Yes vote

Yes 76% No 24% Turnout 40% Held on 2 May 2013. Link to useful Voter information leaflet here Tags: TS minor-referendums

2013 Eden Cumbria Local Plan wins 90% Yes

Yes 90% N0 10% Turnout 33.7%. Held 7th March 2013. Neighbourhood planning is one of the new community rights introduced by government to give people more say over their area and puts communities in charge of setting out the homes, shops and amenities they want in their vicinity. People living and working in the Upper […]

2011 Britain says No to electing MPs by AV

Yes 32.1%  No 67.9%  Turnout 42.2%, Held 5th May 2011 the same day as general elections in Scotland and Wales and local elections in some areas of England. AV, a weak form of proportional voting, was proposed as a reform of Westminster’s First-Past the-Post system which, now that there are many more political parties sharing […]

1998 London votes for Regional Assembly

Yes 72% on 34% turnout. Held 7th May 1998. Tags: TS major-referendums

1975 Britain votes to stay in EU (EEC)

Yes 67.2%  Turnout 64.5%. Held 5th June 1975. It was thought that Scotland would vote to leave being the least pro-EU part of Britain but an effective cross-party campaign by Scottish Tories and Scottish Labour politicians brought something of a surprise result to stay in the EU. Tags: TS major-referendums

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