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Media firestorms & the Girvan sea-monster

Media firestorms, like extreme weather, seem to be increasing in frequency and intensity. From Lord Macalpine, George Entwistle, Huhne and Rennard among others, the last few months seem at times, like one long storm. Globalization, the online world and the 24 hour news cycle have greatly increased the number of reporters that can swarm onto […]

‘Jobs for the boys ‘ anger a Scots Tory – in 1957

from the Bulletin, Saturday, April 13th 1957 Mr Derek Smith, a former Girvan provost, and twice unsuccessful parliamentary candidate for South Ayrshire, was called to order at the annual conference of the Scottish Unionist Association in Ayr yesterday when he talked about ” jobs for the boys”. He claimed there was an invisible and impenetrable […]

Orwell’s writing rules

BBC Radio 4 has a season of George Orwell and his work. These are his ‘rules for writers’ most of which I break everyday. (1) Never use a metaphor, simile or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print. (2) Never use a long word where a short one will do. […]

Fifty years ago the Hola Camp debate enthralled me.

The Hola camp papers  were released last week. Although the events at the camp, brutality and maladministration leading to the deaths in British custody of eleven Kenyan detainees, happened more than fifty years ago, the news instantly recalled a night from my youth. In 1959, when I was barely eighteen years old, I visited the […]

Never underestimate generational change in politics

I overhead a conversation in our local petrol station the other day. Three visiting Welsh girls, in their early thirties, revealed they had never heard of Neil or Glenys Kinnock – one nearly PM of Britain and still an MP and his wife an MEP. This struck a bell because only a month previously a […]

Roseanna Cunningham is the new Minister for Campsie Glen Forest Park

Mike Russell has been recalled to Alex Salmond’s side and his old job at Enviroment where he was responsible for the Forestry Commission in Scotland goes to Roseanna Cunningham. Tags: Campsie Glen, Roseanna Cunningham, Scotland

US Voters make more decisons than British voters

Vote for the US President, local officials and 14 referendums on one ballot paper in Colorado and California. Try it. Tags: US

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