Never underestimate generational change in politics

I overhead a conversation in our local petrol station the other day. Three visiting Welsh girls, in their early thirties, revealed they had never heard of Neil or Glenys Kinnock – one nearly PM of Britain and still an MP and his wife an MEP.

This struck a bell because only a month previously a friend  who is deeply into politics in Northern Ireland , told me he had come across two twenty year-olds who had never heard of Martin McGuiness. Given he is currently a Minister in the Northern Ireland Government and the devil incarnate for half the population for years past, his must be a worse case than the Kinnocks disappearance from folk memory.

It reminds me too that between the two referendums on the Scottish Parliament, 1979 and 1997, a generation passed on leaving a more pro-devolution electorate behind. Never underestimate this slow change in our politics.

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