‘Jobs for the boys ‘ anger a Scots Tory – in 1957

from the Bulletin, Saturday, April 13th 1957

Mr Derek Smith, a former Girvan provost, and twice unsuccessful parliamentary candidate for South Ayrshire, was called to order at the annual conference of the Scottish Unionist Association in Ayr yesterday when he talked about ” jobs for the boys”.

He claimed there was an invisible and impenetrable barrier which separated Unionist candidates and he thought it was time it was made clear there was no barrier for good service to the party.

 Mr Smith then referred to the recent candidature vacancy in the Bute and North Ayrshire constituency which was filled by Brigadier Fitzroy Maclean.

 “We woke up one morning and found there was a candidate where we did not know a vacancy existed” said Mr Smith.The party had quite a number of people who had fought seats that they had no chance of winning and who are well qualified to be in Parliament.

” I think” he added, “the author of the book ‘Eastern Approaches’ (Brigadier Fitzroy Maclean) should write another book called ‘Northern Approaches‘ explaining how it is done”

 “Was it to be wondered that people became cynical towards the Tory party?” asked Mr Smith. At this point he was interrupted by the chairman.

It was stated later that the party in Scotland had formed a committee, including the chairman of the East and West Divisional councils, to raise the whole question of candidates and to try and meet the grievances which had been raised.

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