2014 Catalonia votes Yes to independence in unofficial poll

Yes 80.7% No 19.3% turnout 37%. Held 9th November 2014.  The No voters largely abstained as well as others who saw little value in an unofficial advisory referendum. It is only included here because it was held so soon after the Scottish Independence and produce a similiar number (1.8m) of votes for independence. Like the Section 28 unofficial referendum in Scotland in 2000, we can be be sure all or nearly all those supporting independence turned out to vote Yes.

There is an interesting detailed comment I have copied below from the Open Europe blog on Catalonia. If this is level of activity is accurate, it is similiar effort to Scotland and could suggest that Europe’s Independence movements have reached high water mark.

Anonymous said…

After 2 years of intensive propaganda from the catalonian government in all media (8 catalonian TV public channels, newspapers, radio stations, volunteers knocking door by door and massive phone calling, quite democratic) only 2.2 millions of 6.3m possible came to vote. Before this fake referendum the nationalist said that over 80% of catalonian people wanted to vote, that the important number will be participation, and so it was: 71% of catalan people are simply not interested on catalan gov. adventures or clearly say NO, so…is this enough to continue damaging catalonian image, separating them from the rest of Spain and leaving the important things unresolved? Yesterday ALL nationalist voted, no one stayed at home, and now we know the real power of them, that is very few.
Freedom is letting catalan people being catalan and spanish, not pushing them to be only catalan and forbidding them from being spanish.



1975 Britain votes to stay in EU (EEC)

Yes 67.2%  Turnout 64.5%. Held 5th June 1975. It was thought that Scotland would vote to leave being the least pro-EU part of Britain but an effective cross-party campaign by Scottish Tories and Scottish Labour politicians brought something of a surprise result to stay in the EU. Tags: TS major-referendums